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Novel Spam filter guarantees to detect any spam e-mail

U.S. researchers are working on new method for spam detection

U.S. researchers have allowed themselves to come up with a method to detect guarantees any spam sent from a botnet e-mail. Falsely classified as spam e-mails are a thing of the past. There remains the problem, faster than the spam bot networks to operate.

Identified as an effective method for Spam detection, researchers at the International Computer Science Institute at Berkeley and the University of California at San Diego, the templates from Spam bot nets, reports New Scientist. According to the observations of the researchers are using certain template bot nets to distribute Spam in all the world, which is not detected by conventional Spam filters, without further ado.

Through the analysis of Spam, the system of U.S. researchers tried to determine by reverse engineering the appropriate Spam template. Once this is determined, all Spam e-mails of one bot net accurately detected. The researchers promise that not a single e-mail is mistakenly identified as Spam.

As an effective Spam protection but the system would work much faster, because in the experiment was the analysis of the Spam messages for ten minutes, then the presentation of the Spam filter was known. Another problem is the amount of different bot nets, all of which must be recognized in order to be able to offer effective protection.

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