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OpenDNS information

The developers of OpenDNS claim that the service makes Web surfing faster, but under normal conditions, any speed improvements it gains are nearly imperceptible. Certainly I didn’t experience a big change in service speed, nor any of our clients going to be bowled over by vast speed increases.

Why? Because overall data throughput still has a much larger effect on surfing speed than name resolution. It’s also worth noting that when name resolution doesn’t work, you simply can’t surf at all.

If your ISP is unreliable, you might at least try OpenDNS to see if your surfing woes are related to a DNS problem it can solve. Fortunately, OpenDNS is free for personal use and easy to remove, so you won’t suffer buyer’s remorse if you install it and never really notice what it does.

If you try the tool, drop us a note what your expirience is / was .

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Are your DNS nameservers impeding your Internet experience?

Confused Which Free Public DNS To Use, Here Is How To Benchmark The Fastest DNS Server From Your Location:

If you are looking for a professional grade hardcore DNS speed benchmarking tool, multi-platform, open-source utility namebench would be the answer, capable of utilizing your web browser history, tcpdump output, or standardized datasets to benchmark DNS server speeds namebench provide well laid-out, easy to understand individualized recommendation.

However, if you are looking for something fast and noob-friendly free windows-only utility DNS Tester gets the job done but you will need to manually evaluate and compare the results.

Another free alternative would be DNSBench for fast, easy and comprehensive DNS Benchmarking on windows.