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Computer Services

Lemonsurf can assist your forward planning by evaluating your PC(s) and we will advise you on the condition and lifespan. We will tell you honestly if you need or don’t need to consider replacement hardware.

Is all your software you run on your computers legal and proper licensed?

We will do a proper software asset management for you and show you free ware alternatives to Microsoft Office and Microsoft operating systems.

Many times it is more cost and work effective if you run a Linux operating system (Ubuntu, RedHat, etc.) on your computers. This Linux distributions come with a complete readymade working environment (OpenOffice, Firefox browser, multimedia software, etc.) and they are easy to maintain.

The best on this Linux operating systems is, that they are open source and free, which means, there are no license costs for the software.

Talk to us and we show you alternatives as well as how to get proper licensed.

You don’t know if it is worth to repair your computer or notebook?

We will do a in depth check of your hardware and give you a honest and fair advice what to do.

To avoid the usual things happen to computers, check out our “General Computer Maintenance Tip’s

As we have a proved network of computer repair shops here on Phuket you can be sure to get the best service you can expect.

Contact our Help Desk for any problems with your computer via E-mail or Telephone – 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday.

Have confidence with qualified technicians and a company that values quality, service and value.