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Monthly Archives: April 2015

This Six Links Are Telling You What Google Knows About You

Each click on the Internet leaves traces and reveals a lot about us. Exchanging data against services – this principle has no company as optimized as Google.

It evaluates browser profiles, search queries, sites of Android smart phones and Gmail messages.

Money is earned with advertisements that are tailored to the interests of the user.

A lucrative business: Alone in the third quarter of 2014, Google’s revenue was 16.5 billion US dollars. But Google is not just collecting data for making money, but also to the continuous improvement of their services.

But what is being recorded – and what does that say about the individual?

The website “medium.com” has provided six links, which show what data Google gathers.

  1. Google Search History

    This log lists all search queries. You can browse the detailed requests of today, or just one day or by categories such as “Images”, “Maps” and filter “News”.

  2. Google Activity

    Do you remember on which hardware you have used Google in the past years? No? No problem – this list reveals all. One or the other may find it creepy, but it also has advantages. If you fear that someone had access to your account in the past, it will appear here.

  3. Google Preferences

    Google analyzes every step of you in the network and creates a basic profile that contains information about the sex, age and what you are interested in. These in turn is based on the web pages you have visited. So if you wonder about strange advertisements – here you can see how Google see’s you.

  4. Google Location History

    If you are using an Android device, it permanently send your location to Google, unless you have turned this feature off. On this page you can track your entire location history on a monthly basis and export if necessary.

  5. Google Permissions

    All extensions, devices and web services who have access to your data are listed on Google Permissions. If needed, you can revoke the access.

  6. Google Takeout

    “Your account, your data, download a copy.” – This is how Google advertises its service Google Takeout. Here you can copy photos, emails, bookmarks and all profile information from Google’s servers.